Corallia Earrings - White

$30.00 $75.97

Of the latin word for corals, these earrings share the dual nature of soft and solid textures such like the polyps and their exoskeleton. They also share the glowing tips with the sea anemone of the Hexacorallia family. A careful balance between textile and metal, these statement earrings are composed of hand dyed floral shaped lace and brass components that create brilliance and structure. Available in a large variety of colours inspired by the natural world. Come on hypoallergenic gold plated 316L grade stainless steel posts, with butterfly backings. Gold-fill, sterling silver and clip-on earring options available here but will change the aesthetic. Measure approximately 4 cm long by 3 cm wide Each earring weighs approximately 8 g Care tips : Keep out of humidity as much as possible, avoid direct contact with aerosols such as perfume, hairspray or sunscreen

Handmade with love in our Montreal studio

Limited edition due to the vintage and exotic sourcing of the materials
Made in Canada